Areas of Expertise

EDGN Consultants has a team of qualified professionals with excellent references and a wide range of expertise in the fields of consulting, business coaching, digital transformation and management consulting.

Our Mission

To offer high quality services with professionals, independent and experts in their specific fields.

To listen to our clients and work in partnership to achieve results and deliver cutting-edge solutions to meet their needs

Our Strengths

Consulting &Coaching

Realization of digital plans

Business coaching

Project management

Management consulting

Support for start-ups

IT Governance

Accompanying executives

Business coaching for executives

Coaching for project managers

Personalized coaching

Online training


E- commerce strategy

Accompaniment in your web strategy

Accompaniment in the choice of solutions

Accompaniment in the choice of Web hosting

Accompaniment in your internet marketing

In the production of content

In the realization of email lists

For your social media strategy

For your newsletter strategy

A look at the website developing services available for small businesses

You can be certain of the quality of our services and that your projects will be managed with professionalism, integrity and discretion. The final results will be meticulous, and delivered within your delays, in order to provide you with complete satisfaction. We can offer you several complementary services as described below:

Web design

EDGN Consultants make it easy for you to create a customized website that meets your needs!

Our web development experts have extensive experience and through their talents, your website will present a professional image of your company through ultra-modern graphics with ease of navigation.

Our experts will save you time by completing the project within your budget.


EDGN Consultants  can create dynamic Internet campaigns that will promote and publicize your product and services, in order to target more visitors to your website. For example, by using Google Adwords to promote it. A good launch can make all the difference and it must be well orchestrated. Contact our team to make your product launch a real success! Our team can help you with your blog, website, social networks and online business.

Content creation

EDGN has a team of writers who can write articles, white papers, blog posts on e-business, development methods, including blog posts on Agile development, Scrum, artificial intelligence, project management, business intelligence and software engineering in general. Our team can help you take the stress out of regular content production. Our team is specialized in content development and web publishing.


At EDGN Consultants, we specialize in all the relevant SEO tactics to assure that your website gets the attention it needs by effectively targeting the key audience associated to your company. SEO is about getting up there in the search results to increase traffic on your website. Plain and simple: traffic = equals exposure = business. Our team of SEO specialists make sure that every avenue is covered and taken care off. Whatever your domain is, we know what to do and what it takes to direct the traffic towards your website to maximize potential sales.

The question is: « If people are searching…Can they find you? »
Fact: proper search engine optimization and indexing can increase your website traffic over 250 % in the first few weeks… Why don’t you give us a call, or better yet, contact-us so we can have a talk on how we can help you succeed in your business venture!

What Client’s Say

Fabienne Fayad of EDGN Consultant is a very dedicated project manager that want to make each project a success. She know when and how reporting issues and provide possible scenarios of solution.

Michel TranchemontagneBusiness Owner

"When I wanted to realize my online yoga project on the web. Initially, I was in the dark. All the opinions told me that my project was impossible until I met a consultant from EDGN Consultants who told me that it was possible and that she would show me how...

The consultant from EDGN Consultants helped me make my project a reality by helping me plan the steps and showing me how to do each one.
Thank you a thousand times, to EDGN Consultants, for all their advice and especially for the quality service."

Lise Lareau Zenfit Yoga

Yoga ZenfitOwner

For all the people who want to start an online business and don't know how to go about it. EDGN consultants offers professional and fast services to answer all your questions and guide you through the process. Thank you to the EDGN team for allowing me to make clients happy.

Mindy Boho

Fabienne Fayad is a dedicated project manager working to make each of these projects a success. She knows when and how to inform her superiors of a situation and always does so by providing possible solution scenarios.

Francine Ruel-HerouxExecutive Director of the Réseau des conseillers en management du Québec