One of the most effective ways that you can market products and websites online is through e-mail marketing. Unfortunately to get started with this marketing strategy you need to first develop a targeted e-mail marketing list that you can use to reach potential customers and leads they can take your business to the next level. For you consider creating e-mail marketing materials or sending out emails to your clients it's usually a good idea to start developing a way to build your e-mail marketing list and continue expanding that list to reach a wider audience. Here are some ideas to help you build an email marketing list with great leads.

1. Create user accounts: when you require users to sign up with a user account before they can purchase products on your website or access certain areas of your website you can collect a lot of information including e-mails which can be used to develop targeted e-mail content.

2. Include forums on your website: forums are a great way that your customers can provide feedback about your products and website. With a sign-up form for your forum it's easy to build an e-mail marketing list especially as your forum becomes more active.

3. Discounts in newsletters: by offering up regular promotions for signing up for a newsletter you can get people to opt in to e-mail marketing lists because it will benefit them and help them save money. Offering a 5 to 10% discount on some of your products could allow you to see a big jump in sales from email marketing promotions.

4. Contests: offering up contests or free items from your website is another great way that you can generate a massive e-mail list very quickly. Many people search around online to find the best contests and promotions even something like offering up a T-shirt for your website can encourage people to sign up for your e-mail marketing list. These are just a few of the simplest tactics that you can use for generating leads for your e-mail marketing.

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