By Claire Pret

How to obtain a consulting contract that suits your needs and your ability in the long term? Because as you know, it is difficult to grow sustainably in the performance of a contract that does not satisfy us! Indeed we all have the desire to evolve, learn and self develop ourselves when we are on a contract for only a few months…

A contract for you

If you want to quickly find a contract that corresponds to your strengths, you should take the time to know yourself and search what you really want. This may seem contradictory when one puts pressure to find work, but it is key to have a fulfilling activity consultation in the long term. To this end, one of the best advice that can be given is to listen to your heart. Thus you will start to learn more about yourself…

Know yourself

Why do we have to know ourselves well to search for the right contract?

If you like what you do, you will be happy to do it in the long term and this will reflect on your customers.

Here is an example:

  • If the idea of writing excites you and makes you feel good, then you should get a contract related to writing.
  • If, however, the simple idea of writing a sentence on paper gives you nausea, and if you hate reading, it is obvious that you will not be happy in such work.

Thus, do not take any hasty decision on the pretext of finding a contract quickly. Of course, if you have no other choice, it is desirable to take such a contract, waiting to practice the profession of your choice. However in this case, try to get it as close as possible of what you really want to do in the future.

Then make a list of things that you like and / or that you already know, look even in your personal life, because it is also possible that your "hobby" will help you to find the contract that you would really like to do in the long term.

Review your experiences and look for a contract that you really want to do

Once you have made a review and that you know exactly what you want to do, stick to it! Accept contracts totally different from your goals only temporary and only "while waiting." Instead, put your energy to practice in the new area that you are targeting and find a contract that suits your strengths and desires to progress in life.
So in summary, to get what you want in consultation and work in general: it is critical to know what you "really" want and then take the necessary actions to get there.

Go ahead and have confidence in yourself!