Faith, Flow, Fun and Funds or the 4F approach applied to work

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Who does not want to combine performance and job satisfaction?

The concept of happiness at work is widely discussed in contemporary literature. If you type “happiness+work” on Google, you will find more than 16million results including
books, conferences, blogs, articles, images, videos, index of happiness at work, etc.
We would certainly not get an array of results this vast 30 years ago, even if we could have had access to Google! Indeed, the concept of “happiness at work” is quite recent, attached to a context of abundance, personal fulfillment and co
nclusive findings in business psychology.

Through research, our knowledge in Industrial Psychology (now called Business Psychology) found that job performance and happiness / satisfaction at work were related. From my background in marketing and as a career counselor, I created an approach that facilitates the understanding of the concepts read, heard and shared on job satisfaction: the 4F approach. Can you identify your level of satisfaction on each of these F? Do you have the Faith? Faith is a concept with spiritual connotation; the French dictionary Larousse defines it as "full commitment of a man to an ideal that transcends him." In business language, it is about engagement and mobilization. Specifically, to have a "professional" faith, believing and commitment will be manifested in many ways. Here are some examples:

  • you share your organization’s values ;
  • you feel connected to the mission and vision of this organization
  • messages from directors are engaging and you find a link between messages and actions required;
  • you are proud to be part of this organization and you are referring candidates ;
  • you have a boss that believes in you and that supports you in your personal development;

Do you live the Flow ?

As described in one of my previous articles on this website about Flow concept (link), you need to ask yourself if you are living in a Flow state at work. A Flow consists of a maximum state of concentration, producing a sense of total commitment and success. To determine if you are experiencing a state of Flow at work, here are some ideas for personal observation:

  • you are motivated by the professional activity itself, it « absorbs » you positively.
  • you are creative and efficient ;
  • you are interested in self development ;
  • you have self confidence ;
  • you are persistent and resistant to stress ;

You should also know that there is a test called Interqua lia, that allows measuring concretely the activities (over a total of 18) that will put you in a Flow state.

Do you have the Fun?

Fun and Flow are to be distinguished. Basically, the Flow is attached to a dimension of creativity and "content" while the Fun is more related to the environment, to the "container" of your work. You have fun at work when you experience the following:

  • you enjoy the people you work with, both for their expertise (know-how) and for their personality (life skills);
  • you talk about your team with pride to the people around you and tell their playful and humorous anecdotes about your life at work;
  • you easily join to any extra-curricular activities that are organized;
  • you give importance to the physical aspect of your desktop to make it welcoming;
  • generally, you start and end your day with a smile!

Do you have the Funds?

As you would have understood, funds are the notion of salary. On the subject of money, everyone put its own definition. What is having funds for you? Let's just say it is imperative to have a sense of fairness and justice in the salary that we receive. The following should be considered:

  • your responsibilities and job performance are clear and defined;
  • your added value, which is perceived by your cusotmers and/or your organization is clarified and shared. The concept of perception is very important;
  • you have a good idea of your market value by seeking information from studies markup or other credible sources;
  • your lifestyle and your income are well adjusted, you have the knowledge or have the resource to assist you in your personal finances;
  • you stand away from the syndrome of "inflatable neighbor" staying on course on all 4 F!

This grouping synthesis of 4 F wants to be a tool that will help you identify what are the liveliest "F" in your professional life and those that require more attention from you. Because being happy professionally is not confined to the presence of a single F, as you would understand.

Go ahead… maximize your 4 F as they contribute to your performance and job satisfaction!

Manon St-Arnaud, M.Sc., c.o